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 Wonder Full Melanie Eden

  Culture at Work  6 - 13 August 2015

Wonder is a rare, awe inspiring moment outside our everyday experiences which generates a profound, sometimes transformative impression in how we perceive the world. Mel Eden’s artistic practice investigates how we experience wonder, both individually and collectively, as children and adults to remind us of the value that it can bring to our psychology, imagination and sense of self. The residency at Culture at Work enabled Mel to facilitate workshops with adults, parents and children through storytelling, creative expression and play and with the help of Jennifer Watkins who assisted with her knowledge of neuroscience, early childhood development and passion for the project. The traces and documentation of the workshops are the catalyst for Mel’s exhibition, ‘Wonder Full’. The artist invites audience members to investigate moments of wonder with new forms of communication, as the exhibition evolves.

The emerging artist program is supported by State Street to assist artists towards employment in the arts. sector. 

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