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The Stand Ups I Bus Projects, Naarm (Melbourne)


Cybele Cox, Dean Cross, Chris Dolman, EJ Son, Melanie Jame Wolf 

curated by Elyse Goldfinch 

The Stand Ups brings together five artists whose works deal directly or indirectly with notions of humour. The exhibition considers how artists can use humour as a methodology to subvert traditional forms of power, language and self.


Jokes have long played a fundamental civic function: to ridicule the powerful is a universal desire. In the current political climate, comedy and satire are readily used as forms of communication, entertainment and public address. Humour can also be inherently internalised and self-deprecating, operating as a coping mechanism to deal with anxiety, failure and loss. The Stand Ups will explore humour through the complexity of its rhetoric, delivery and form.


Comedy often acts as a vehicle for criticism and persuasion. The exhibition will also comprise of a public program in the form of a stand up set with emerging comedians to deconstruct the role of humour in the everyday and explore how audiences can understand themselves to be fabricated through comedy.

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