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Rheology>forms that flow 

Exhibition catalogue













Designed by Maddy Rowley

Catalogue Essay by Giorgia Gakas

featuring Zoe Kirkwood


Rheology> forms that flow adopts the chemical deformation of matter from solid to liquid to explore the way we experience images in the post-digital age. Concerned with images that are fractured, ephemeral and infinitely reproducible, this exhibition considers the journey from objects to data and back again.


These artists are preoccupied with a multiplicity of forms and unsettling objects that speak to the act of collaging, dissecting, montaging and assembling. A process that disavows the context and point of origin of an object or image. Here, artworks challenge our perception of the real through pictorial paradoxes where images and forms are rendered ambiguous - reflecting the internet's non-linear, rhizomic, glitched-out, stream of consciousness.


This exhibition is an attempt to dissect the complex and fluid relationship between the surface and the liminal, mutable boundaries of artworks. Each artwork acts as a hyper-link, accessing another physical or digital state contained within the architecture of the white cube. By complicating the state of images this exhibition moves across thresholds to question how the internet has begun to shape the production and consumption of art.

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