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Anya Brock would like to warmly welcome you to her brand new gallery, recently opened in the heart of Sydney's creative district, Oxford Street, Paddington.


Hailing from a background in fashion design, Anya works with colour, shape and line with raw honesty and an experimental spirit. Her loose painting style combines splashes of complementary, vibrant colours, framed by carefully controlled graphic lines. Inspired by beauty and fragility, her paintings reflect a certain tenderness and affection for her subjects. These often include fierce fashion girls, wild animals, exotic fish, cheeky budgerigars and bold geometric patterns.


Anya’s work explores the contrasts of softness and hardness, lightness and depth. Her posed girls pop out of the canvas yet look on with brooding, elusive eyes. Mysterious titles like, ‘We Don’t Really Need To Talk About It’, and, ‘The Necessary Space Between You And Me’ suggest a hidden narrative and echo the drama and gentle irony of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop paintings. Borrowing from fashion, design and fine art all at once, Anya’s unique paintings are infused with fearless energy and bold character.


Anya made an impact in Perth and Fremantle with her distinctive and iconic style, painting large scale murals around public spaces bringing her joyful colours and images to wide audiences. Choosing to relocate to Sydney in 2013, Anya is fast expanding her reach throughout Australia with commissioned murals in Glue stores around Sydney and Melbourne. Along with these large scale works, Anya was asked to create the artwork for a series of Urban Walkabout covers for Perth and Sydney. Her work is becoming widely recognised and loved around Australia. The new gallery in Sydney sits like a beacon of colour along the major road of Oxford Street, close to the Paddington Markets. Her bright paintings line the walls along with her new focus of pen on paper drawings, handpainted recycled vases, bottles and frames as well as paintings on wooden boards.


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